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Many marketing campaigns to attract a few more customers to your webshop and to tone down that summer dip. Even if only a little bit. Web merchants who choose to do so often find at the end of the summer that. Their efforts were not exactly commensurate with their results. Also read: A powerful content strategy for webshops: this content is indispensable But you can also embrace. The annual summer dip by celebrating with endless productive hours that you can finally. Work on your webshop in peace instead of in your webshop. And that is the summer dip coping mechanism that I myself use. Every year and that I would heartily recommend to you. Why? Because it always pays for itself thick and straight.

Many Times Cyprus Phone Number List

You can also embrace the annual summer slump by celebrating with endless productive hours that you can finally work on your webshop in peace instead of in your webshop. Start autumn with a head start If you know where you are going, the chance that you will arrive at your destination is many Cambodia Phone Number times greater than if you are just moving around a bit. We take this for granted in everyday life: if you have to catch the train, you first check which train you want, where the station is and what time your train leaves before you get on your bike. But over the years I have seen in my work as a trainer and coach that many online retailers hardly allow themselves the peace of mind of choosing the preferred destination and good preparation.


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As a result, they run in all directions and often do not end up where they want to go. I always advise online retailers to use the summer to put things in order and let. That entrepreneurial heart pump full of creativity through the company again. Many activities come to a standstill, so this is the time to reflect on exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there. This way you will go into the autumn with a head start and you will certainly look back on a lot of business success around the turn of the year. And just as important: business pleasure! The following activities are must-do’s for the summer in my opinion. Make to-do list. Put these business essentials on your summer list.

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