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We have to start at the beginning.  A future in a (partly) virtual world in which people work, play, travel. Go out and socialize using the internet, virtual reality and augmented reality . Sounds familiar? That may be true, because in fact it has been around for years. What about Second Life , which saw the light of day in 2003? Right, a metaverse application. Only, the time was not (yet) ripe for it.  On our smartphones, for example, as a standard feature and ‘established’. We all know the Technology.

On Our Malaysia Phone Number

Adoption Lifecycle , right? Innovation adoption life cycle. It may sound a bit like science fiction, but we thought so about the self-driving car and even smartphones. The first forms of the metaverse already exist and show the signs of a flourishing economic development. Is the time Malaysia Phone Number right now. Another way to dissect the myth and hype surrounding the metaverse is to look at the visual developments on the web. For the first time with the internet. We are about to leave the largely 2D experience behind us and move towards an immersive 3D experience. But is the world ready yet? For the innovators and early majority I think absolutely.

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According to a recent report by Deloitte , young people already have one foot in the metaverse. Think, for example, of the enormous popularity of social media, e-sports and online gaming. Those applications are not that far from the metaverse. Accept cookies But I don’t think the real masses are ready for the metaverse yet. Simply because the accessibility is still insufficient. As soon as things like VR glasses are no longer necessary and the necessary applications. Are available to everyone by default , things can go very quickly. Not only among young people, but also among the general public.

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