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The more you can arm yourself against shame, the better you can embrace vulnerability and connect with others. By making yourself vulnerable in your text, you can make a connection with your reader. And yes, you are taking a risk. You don’t know Finland Phone Number how the text will be received. Where do you draw the line? I came across this interesting article from The Blog Herald that discusses the pros and cons of blogging about your Finland Phone Number personal life. First of all, a few advantages. The advantages By sharing your (personal) experiences, you can show your authority or underline a certain argument.

Example It Is Already Very

And you can better connect with your Finland Phone Number target group audience (Look, that’s what Brené Brown talked about too!). Especially if they are experiences that your readers recognize. ‘Recognizable!’ is a word that you may encounter in the comments. What Veldman writes in the Volkskrant underlines this: “Videos in which people cry are Finland Phone Number extremely popular, and therefore solid cement for building relationships. Crying is therefore also a means for vloggers to gain and retain an audience. So customer loyalty.” But in the case of vloggers, it is also a revenue model: “If crying is a medium of exchange for more audiences, and more audiences in turn generate more income, then all that emotion in vlogs is a bit of the literal variant of ‘ crying all the way to the bank.


It Is Already Very

The cons But there are also drawbacks, including the fact that it won’t appeal to every reader. If you stick your neck out, you will not receive only positive reactions. You can never please everyone in that regard. You should also not deviate too much Finland Phone Number from your content strategy and how you present yourself further. An example: very personal blogs would not be appropriate on Frankwatching (barring exceptions). But in the Weekly, we Finland Phone Number consciously a bit more personal, which is part of the format. And sometimes we can push the limits. What is your goal with being personal? It should not be an end in itself to be personal and vulnerable in your business texts. I wouldn’t copy too much from influencers (unless you’re one yourself), for that matter.

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