Overview of Digital Transformation in Latin America

Latin America is experiencing a strong expansion of digital transformation.

For this reason, it is important that your company is aligned with this context in order to take advantage of opportunities and not lose out to the competition.

Understand how technology is evolving in the market of countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.


Currently, Mexico is the most advanced country when it comes to digital transformation, however, there is still much to evolve.

This is because, according to IDC, in 2018 only 23% of companies had begun the digitalization of their activities , while for 2019, it was estimated that this number would reach 33%.

These data show that Mexico is willing to adopt technologies and, compared to other nations, is more mature and prepared for the changes that digital transformation requires.

Therefore, Mexican companies already understand that technology is the key to growing in the market and standing out from their competitors, and they are implementing it at an accelerated and intense pace.

Colombia In Colombia, small, medium and large

Companies are taking on digital transformation. To VP Software Email List help in this challenge, in 2019 the national government issued. A document (conpes no. 3975) that brings a clear and comprehensive policy on new. Technologies and establishes guidelines aimed at generating. Social and economic value through its use. Both in the public and private sectors.

Some of the colombian executives already consider digital transformation. As their number one priority and recognize the importance. Of its implementation.

On the other hand, while others are one step ahead and. Have already begun their digitization, with investments mainly. In process automation and through the use of. Cloud computing , data analytics and ecommerce.

Peru Although there is a growing interest in technology,

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Peru still faces a limited understanding of the processes. Of digital transformation in the country’s public policies and in. The organizational culture of companies.

This means that, although they use technology resources. The government and the market have not yet internalized. The need to digitize their processes and activities, and they resist digital culture.

It should be noted that digital transformation includes not. Only the use of technologies, but also the way of thinking, culture. The adaptation of digital business models, among other factors.

In this sense, peru has challenges that must be overcome. Through clear regulatory frameworks, more inclusive and innovative. Companies, and the development of strategies that promote digital agendas.

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