perfunctory and very unreliable

We mentioned before that the word whatever is. The most frustrating word for foreigners in the workplace, because. It makes people feel that you don’t care, and there is another word that makes people feel perfunctory, which is what we are going to talk about today; we found Paraguay Phone Number that , chinese use this word very frequently, and often inadvertently use it as a catchphrase. When communicating, everyone likes clear answers. In english, maybe gives people a feeling of being unsure and not wanting to communicate. Often using this word will make foreigners feel that you are perfunctory and very unreliable. Take a look at how often these sentences appear in your spoken language: (x)maybe i will call you tomorrow. (x)maybe you can ask the accounting department. (x)maybe i have to tell you… (x)maybe.

Well, it should work

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Positive response, 80% chance (o)possibly. Well, maybe. (the probability is not probably high, but there is still a 60% chance.) when we answer the other party’s “possible”, we can actually give more precise instructions to let the other party know how likely it is. Here is a “possible” icon Lithuania Phone Number for your reference: photo credit: world citizen cultural center i don’t mean maybe! (x) i’m not sure. (o) i’m not joking. /i was serious. Maybe not only gives people a feeling of uncertainty and not seriousness, i don’t mean maybe, that is, “i’m not joking, i’m serious”, this sentence often has some threatening tone, you can imagine that it is an adult with a straight face , speaking to the child: i told you to go clean your room, and i don’t mean maybe! I asked you to clean your room, no joke! Maybe another time. Next time

Accept refuse

This is a sentence foreigners use when they politely refuse, or “maybe some other time.”, which means the same. A: “would you like to go out for dinner tonight?” want to have dinner together? B: “sorry, maybe another time. I have a lot of work i need to catch up on.” sorry, next time, i have a lot of work to rush. This sentence can also be used in response to the other party’s rejection, so that the other party will not be so embarrassed. A: “i wish i could come to your house for dinner, but i told my sister i would babysit for her.” i wish i could go to your house for dinner, but i promised my sister to help her take care of the children. B: “that’s all right, maybe some other time.” it’s okay, next time.

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