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Privacy has become a pressing concern Netherlands Phone Number and. Reason to pull out the hatchet that was buri. After a year in which the figures of most companies have been affect by the pandemi. Brands have open arms for the next periods of “mega sales”. Black Friday or Christmas are the most powerful and for which companies are already preparing. Precisely Netherlands Phone Number for this reason. One of the presentations on the second day of ‘Hyperconnect Consumers and Brands’ dealt with this subject. It is a meeting promot by the Marketing Association with the sponsorship and collaboration. Facebook in which digitization in different fields is being discuss.

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The second day was welcom by Félix Muñoz. Consultant and professor of marketing and communication. He was in charge of presenting José María González , Retail Client Partner at Facebook, and Mauricio Troncoso , Digital Marketing Manager at MediaMarkt. These experts have been in Netherlands Phone Number charge of exposing the main trends in these moments of “mega sales” and how firms can face them this year. Among the key data, we find that consumers are prepar to indulge with their savings , a consequence of economic resilience deriv from lower spending due to restrictions.

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E-commerce is here to stay On the other hand. The unstoppable growth of e-commerce could not be left out. Which must be includ in any strategy. Far from remaining a mere contextual trend, Troncoso has assur that he is not going to leave. “This migration is not a one-time event, but Netherlands Phone Number rather. A trend that we believe is here to stay “, he stat. In addition, he considers that the second half of the year is going to be a “strong period in terms of sales” . Troncoso has want to make it clear that there is greater planning or anticipation in the purchase of consumers for specific dates because it means savings for them. “

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