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Should join linkedin groups Kenya WhatsApp Number List and start networking. You should explore and check writing job sites such as freelance writing jobs and problogger to find writing work. Although not a great source of work, they are good at the start and in case you have a dry spell. You should ask for testimonials from your satisfied customers that you can post on your site or blog. When you follow the steps above, you can build a solid freelance writing business and earn a good amount of money. Freelance writing to make money writing 3. Write for paid blogs and magazines life as a freelance writer isn’t as smooth as you.

Seven Top Blogs and Magazines That Pay Well

Might think because finding high- Kenya WhatsApp Number List quality paid work isn’t that easy. Additionally, many freelance writers end up in $5 per article scams. So there is no point in chasing after such opportunities because your hard work is not rewarded at all. That said, finding quality paid work is not impossible. In fact, many publications will pay you a premium to write for them. However, these publications require a high level of writing expertise and experience before they can pay you well. However, you’d be glad to know that writing work exists beyond those content factories or those low-paying gigs. Well, there are plenty.

Here We Have Shared Up to

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Of blogs and magazines that pay Kenya WhatsApp Number List writers very well. These are guest posting sites. Writing for other people’s blogs and magazines is a great way to get paid. Elance is a well-known opportunity for freelance writers. However, we explore some of the other lesser-known opportunities for freelance writers that pay really well. Here, we share with you the ultimate list of blogs and magazines that pay writers for guest posts. These sites offer you an author bio and allow you to put links in it that lead to your site, or even to social media pages. So, if you are looking for blogs and magazines that pay well for guest posting, you

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