Results Of All Automated Campaigns

Also read: Corona crisis: don’t flood your customers with service emails. The campaign index I mapped out how often a campaign is sent in general. For this I introduced the following concept: the campaign index. This is a number that usually Cyprus Phone Number ranges from one to seven percent. It displays the number of emails sent in relation to the number of opt-in recipients. The higher the index, the more recipients the campaign has. This is an important (if not the most important) variable for the revenue potential of a campaign. A Cyprus Phone Number birthday campaign has a campaign index of two percent. A webshop has 100,000 active recipients (with opt-in) who receive the newsletter. In that case, the webshop sends the birthday campaign to an average of 2000 recipients per month. Campaign index calculation.

All Automated Campaigns

Campaign Index Calculation The results of the benchmark show that the campaign index of the abandoned cart campaign is the lowest of all automated campaigns, at 0.2 percent. So this campaign has very few recipients. Due to the high Cyprus Phone Number campaign indices, the best practice of the benchmark is to start with the following campaigns: the welcome email, birthday email and profile enrichment email. Don’t forget to set up so-called reminder emails. You can use this to send a follow-up email if, for example, someone has not yet redeemed his present for his birthday. 4. Why loyalty campaigns are so important to brands In the data from our benchmark, I noticed something striking, namely a big difference between two types of organizations: brands and wholesalers.


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If you are a brand, it is extra important to focus on customer relationships. By that I mean campaigns that encourage loyalty, such as a gift for a recipient’s birthday. For example, our benchmark showed that sending a birthday email to someone on Cyprus Phone Number their birthday has an average open rate of 45.8 percent. If we look at wholesalers and brands specifically, this open percentage for wholesalers is 31.9 percent and for brands no less than 63.1 percent! Other examples of automated campaigns that contribute to a good customer relationship are: Profile enrichment emails : ‘May we get to know you better, when is your birthday?’ Loyalty points : ‘With your achieved savings balance you will receive.

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