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The longer you experiment, the more likely the context will change. The tricky part is that these kinds of changes often take place very gradually. A B testing makes it easier to identify such a change. You notice that behavior changes and your A B tests China Phone Number turn out differently than expected. This shows that less money is spent during an economic crisis. The moment we get out of the economic crisis again, you will see that your visitors behave China Phone Number differently. And that your website, optimized for the economic crisis, no longer performs as before. Fortunately, by A B testing you will find out more quickly, so that you can intervene in time. This allows you to relearn what your visitor does need (to buy that bed, book the hotel room or take out a mobile subscription.

Several Cookies Interpreted

Never done A B testing In short, behavior is subject to all kinds of influences on a website and beyond. We can check this on a website, but not China Phone Number outside of it. Because context is changeable, so is behavior. Continuous A/B testing ensures that you are always aware of the change. So you’re never done with A/B testing! 3 tips to extend the shelf life of your knowledge: Be aware that the changing context causes behavior to change. Keep track China Phone Number of the baseline in a dashboard. If numbers are out of line, it could mean the context is changing. Then it’s time to adjust your A B testing. Act on a changing event! Do you sell airline tickets and people suddenly stop flying.


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Do a data analysis to see what is happening on your website. Last year we carried out corona analyzes at our customers to see what effect this far-reaching event had on the behavior of visitors. Do regular re-testing or back-testing to see if the effect still China Phone Number exists. This is how we experienced that the biggest winner ever became the biggest loser ever five years later. This was a very clear indication to choose a different course. New on Frankwatching How frustration took us to space 9:00 am Content marketing is too complex sat Why a community China Phone Number manager is indispensable in a hybrid organization fri Starting with affiliate marketing? How to choose your niche fri How to check Instagram stats for Reels, Stories & posts do I’m not saying anything crazy, am I? It remains silent after a blog.

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