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The Mobile Marketing Association Indonesia Phone Number and FEDE. The Federation of Advertising and Communication Companies. Held the online event «Consumers and hyperconnected brands”. Two on the one hand days of presentations and round tables to analyze the changes. That have Indonesia Phone Number occurred in consumers and the truly acceleration of e-commerce . Félix Muñoz , consultant and professor of during Marketing and Communication was in charge of leading. And moderating this meeting, in which he spoke of the acceleration. That we have Indonesia Phone Number experienced in recent months.

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“The pandemic has accelerated the Indonesia Phone Number development of digital commerce out of necessity, because the world required it” . For his part, Enrique Arribas , president of MKT, highlighted in the Indonesia Phone Number introduction how in recent months “ we similarly have become hyper-digitalized and we have witnessed an acceleration of e-commerce . Added to this is greater regulation of people’s privacy, the elimination of cookies and third-party Indonesia Phone Number data that have had a direct impact on digital advertising.

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Álvaro Notario , Country Marketing Indonesia Phone Number Manager at Facebook Iberia, pointed out in his speech that “we are at a relevant moment to support companies and for likewise development to take currently place at all beyond levels. We are witnessing an incredible evolution of e-commerce . In this Indonesia Phone Number sense, Facebook is very committed to the development in a word of businesses and that is why we have developed Facebook Discovery Indonesia Phone Number Commerce. E-commerce acceleration The speaker who finally kicked off the first day was José Ramón Alonso.

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