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The interaction with a video is often greater than with a simple message. A video is liked and shared more often. We love to watch makeup tutorials, fitness videos and funny content. Brands are expected to make more use of video. A Cisco report shows that 86 percent of all online content next year will be video. Tip Give video a chance. You can Philippines Phone Number show a lot in video, for example how you use your product or give a look behind the scenes. It is accessible and you can make a much better connection with your audience. Also through an influencer. Discuss your wishes and possibilities and let your influencer promote your brand in a way that suits him or her and his or her audience. And what about TikTok? It has already been mentioned: TikTok. This list cannot do without, because TikTok is growing enormously.

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Does this mean you should invest in TikTok? The answer to that question depends on who your target audience is. TikTok is currently extremely popular among young people. Children between the ages of 12 and 19 in particular make massive use of this platform. Although the National Social Media survey shows that the use of TikTok among the 20-24 age group has increased in the past year from 110,000 to 360 thousand users. In total, the number of TikTokkers is currently relatively low (1.7 million) compared to Facebook (10.4 million), YouTube (9.1 million), Instagram (5.9 million) and LinkedIn (5.0 million). Tip : Look at your target audience. Are they active on TikTok? Then this platform.


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However, does your target audience consist of people over 24 years old? Then it is better to wait a little longer with TikTok and advertise on the platforms where they are present in larger numbers, such as Instagram, YouTube or maybe even LinkedIn. Influencer marketing KPIs Credibility and making a connection with your target audience is the starting point of these trends for influencer marketing. The need for it has increased during the pandemic and will continue to be the longer it lasts. It may sound obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: marketing is always about responding to the needs of your audience. That is why influencer marketing focuses on all activities that realize this. Marketers have not started to look at influencer marketing differently due to the corona crisis. The implementation has changed somewhat due to the many restrictive measures.

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