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Companies can learn a lot more from the makers of films and series. And how they can attract audiences through stories. In this way we can draw much more towards marketing the knowledge and creativity that the makers of series have been using for years.” “The first step you can take as a company here is to appoint a showrunner, which is often the Ukraine Phone Number marketing director, someone who comes up with the brand story and manages the team of writers and agencies from one thought.” Content campaigns with a creative and conceptual approach Jonas Vandroemme is Chief Content Strategist at com&co and he has high expectations for the content marketing profession this year. “Content is becoming more creative and less focused on quantity, more on quality.

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This trend had already started for some time, but we really noticed it with our customers at the beginning of this year: we were allowed to do more and more content campaigns, in which the creative and conceptual approach took precedence.” Laptop Ukraine Phone Number Content marketing agencies add value for companies in crisis Like Postma, Vandromemme sees that corona has a positive influence on content marketing. “You see in Belgium that it is the content marketing agencies that were able to keep their heads above water during the crisis. Some even did better than usual. They were able to create the greatest added value for companies in the crisis. Good content builds a bond with your audience.


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And that audience is more important than ever before.” In the aftermath of the first corona wave, we do see some slowing down when it comes to innovative content. “Content marketing has proven its worth, but extremely innovative campaigns are Ukraine Phone Number not forthcoming for the time being. Perhaps companies will play it safe in the coming months.” Despite that, there is a good chance that the market will recover. “In Belgium, more agencies will undoubtedly focus on content marketing. It has proven to be a stable market. On the other hand, hopefully even more companies will see the value of content marketing. So more providers and more demand.

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