Take Your Time Before You Start Writing

Summer is in full swing, and with it there is also room for reflection. Because what about the communication profession? Are we still on the same course as at the beginning of the year? And is it time for a new marketing plan? These were the Uruguay Phone Number most popular Frankwatching articles of July. 1. Communication is changing waters – an update of the trends 2020 At the end of last year, Renata Verloop described the communication Uruguay Phone Number trends for 2020. And then came corona. The crisis has an impact on trust in the government. And on the position of communication in the organization. So time for an update! Sailboat 2. 8 Language Mistakes That Kill Online Ads Your ads lose power if they contain errors.

Time Before You Start Writing

To ensure that your online advertisements do score well, in this article you will find eight linguistic mistakes that will kill your ad campaign. So watch out! ads error 3. 11 Books You Want to Read This Summer tips from the Frankwatching Community Summer, vacation, time for a book! Are you looking for a few more titles to open up at the campsite? Brush up on Uruguay Phone Number your knowledge with the books tipped by professionals from the Frankwatching community! Book tips for the summer 4. Campaign Calendar: an indispensable part of your marketing strategy Safeguard your marketing strategy with a campaign calendar. Then you will never be faced with a surprise again and all disciplines complement each other nicely.


You Start Writing

In this article you will find a handy template. campaign calendar 5. 10 Emotional and Brilliant Movies You Don’t Notice Are Commercials Advertisements boring? Not if they play on the emotion. That is one of the most successful ways to advertise. And sometimes you don’t even realize it’s advertising. commercial break6. Will COVID-19 affect the Corona beer brand? [research] What do you think: should beer brand Corona change its name? We asked in a poll, and the vast majority think the brand should keep its name. But what does the research show? You can read that here. Corona beer on the beach. 7. What marketers can learn from young parents Danny.

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