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And that is completely inefficient when  your marketer leaves for another employer after 2 years. There is therefore a lot of value in strategic guidance of the person who will fill in your internal marketing function. This can be done in several ways: Guidance of your. New employee by an experienced (external) mentor Guidance on making knowledge. Transferable internally Drawing on methodologies and tactics. That have proven themselves in practice The result of this is that employees grow faster. Employee retention increases and your recruitment costs decrease.

That After Cambodia Phone Number

Certainly in the current labor market I am surprised that the mechanism as a lever. The result of the guidance we gave to Anne was that after 6 Cambodia Phone Number List with. Get your marketer a sparring partner / accountability buddy And an important ingredient of Anne’s success is that she had an accountability buddy from the start. Someone who checked in every two weeks to simply share progress, discuss goals and ambitions and challenges.


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The effect of these check-ins was that Anne created a rhythm in her work and could thus switch between strategy, execution and personal development. It is now 1 year later and Anne is already functioning at a level where you would normally have to have 3 years of experience in the field and will grow to this through trial and error . Accountability provides acceleration. 7. Guarantee (part of) the execution. Internally in the form of an agency or freelancers Online marketing has many possibilities, opportunities and different experiences, opinions and gurus. Before you know it, you can no longer see the forest for the trees. Therefore, an SME in which the marketing function is new. Would do well to train an internal ‘champ’ like Anne who has developed

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