That Difference Between The Sober

Never deprive a Dutchman of his chance to drink coffee Reader Petra wrote the following: Another difference: at the opening of our store in Belgium we had a reception (from 14:00). We wanted to prepare the coffee, but our partner said: no, we Brazil Phone Number do wine (cava). All Belgian customers were fine with that, but the Dutch who came wanted coffee first. So let’s make some coffee first. Wonderful, that difference between the sober, Calvinistic Dutch and the Burgundian Belgians! ‘Right to the drink? What wild extravagance!’ Petra’s Dutch Brazil Phone Number customers will have thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if they expected a silly cookie with it. One cookie, no more. After all, serving several cookies could be interpreted as a sign of indomitable gluttony. Also read: Dutch vs. Flemish: talk nonsense or swans, please.

Difference Between The Sober

The only thing with which the Dutchman goes wild is serving coffee. At a Dutch birthday party, ask for an oil barrel full of coffee and it will be Brazil Phone Number rolled into the room without question. The Dutch like to drink coffee, let’s just stop there. Lesson 3. The Dutchman attaches importance to the weight of his house When I talk about a building of 3 tons in Belgium, Belgians look at me with pity. They think I mean a 3,000-pound building. Belgians are Brazil Phone Number not familiar with the term tonne as a synonym for 100,000 euros. The above reader Marco wrote in the comments. His comment sounds familiar. I remember one of the first times my Flemish girlfriend was with my Dutch parents. At one point we talked about house prices.


Between The Sober

Of course we pranked my girlfriend for minutes. ‘Because the ground is so wet in the Netherlands,’ I told her with a straight face. To which Brazil Phone Number my mother added: ‘That’s why houses in the Netherlands are only allowed to have a certain weight. Otherwise they will sink into the ground.’ Netherlands Belgium Lesson 4. ‘Soon’ is not equally far in the future in every country Jonathan taught me that it is wise not to just say ‘see you later’ to an acquaintance from the other country: In the Netherlands we say ‘see you soon’. By this we mean that we will see or Brazil Phone Number speak to each other again in, say, 10 minutes. In Belgium they say ‘until sebiet’; with ‘see you soon’ they don’t expect you for a few hours. Still a difficult thing, time.

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