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On a physical level, your immediate environment is suddenly ‘the wide world’, in the absence of the wide world of Bali or Ibiza. Micro-adventures Everywhere we see the rediscovery of that nearby environment, with a positive perspective. The outdoor retailer Bever now refers to ‘micro-adventures’ in its content, a term that appeared earlier in the recently Norway Phone Number launched travel blog Alice goes wild, intended for women who seek adventure and are now dependent on Giethoorn instead of goa. Her motto: ‘look for the unknown in the known, not the known in the unknown. We are now doing that en masse – and it works great. And fashion illustrator Piet Paris adds something to the micro-adventure that we all recognize: big ambitions can lead to even bigger disappointments.

Video Is Perfect If You

Those who dream smaller will not suffer from this. “Failed outings don’t exist. If the outing is disappointing, no one will notice. I have never felt sad because the outing had failed. An outing always works,” says Piet . Also read: New web texts? Don’t forget the self-mockery. You were better known in Ibiza than in the nature reserve in the nearby polder of your home. That is now changing – definitively. The glamping campsites in. Drenthe are fully booked where you can stay as if you were at Tomorrowland – but without the deejays, those crowds and overpriced vega hummus sandwiches with avocado. Now you just make those sandwiches yourself.


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For your content approach, this mainly means that the perspective of your audience groups has shifted . Instead of a preference for big, ambitious, distant, exotic, expensive and perhaps unattainable, people opt for close by, cosy, cheap, familiar, ‘small’, ‘us together’. The little things in your organization’s life get a reappraisal, and sharing them with your audience does a lot for your reputation. It makes you ‘earthly’, ordinary, accessible, more ‘ours’. 3. The new normal is hybrid Pretty soon after the impact of the crisis on our lives became clear. Someone said It’s like we have arrived in 2030 in one weekend of 2020. That was Christien Bok, of the ICT collaboration organization Surf, for education and research in the Netherlands.

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