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In this study, we looked at municipal sites, but this can of course also be extended to commercial websites. Whether it concerns difficult words, a planner that does not work optimally or too much information, if the visitor no longer understands it or has to put in too much effort, there is a good chance that he will leave the website. It may seem Costa Rica Phone Number that there is often too little testing, while this can actually yield a lot of profit. The site that you think works optimally, sometimes does not work optimally with various promotions. By regularly testing, among Costa Rica Phone Number other things, you gain more insight into the visitor and his or her bottlenecks and you can adjust these in a targeted manner.

The Campaigns Are Relevant

This will generally ensure more conversion on the website. There are very few people who are not happy about that.As an email marketing Costa Rica Phone Number consultant, I find that automated email campaigns are the blind spot of organizations. Even major email benchmarks pay little or no attention to this. A shame, because with relatively little effort you can double the turnover from email marketing with automatic campaigns. To provide insight into the potential and approach of automatic campaigns, I made a benchmark with my own customer data. I share my most important four findings with you in this article.The Importance of Automated Campaigns 2. Revenue from automatic campaigns 3. Which automatic campaigns to start with.


To The Recipients

Why loyalty campaigns are so important to brands 1. The Importance of Automated Campaigns Automated campaigns are different from newsletters in every way. Not only in terms of content (mass communication Costa Rica Phone Number also in terms of results. Newsletters do have a lot of volumes (many recipients), but relatively low KPIs, such as the open and conversion percentages. On the other hand, automatic campaigns logically have relatively few recipients, but high KPIs (Figure 1). Examples of automatic campaigns are the welcome campaign or the abandoned cart campaign. email marketing: the difference between newsletters and automated campaigns Figure.

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