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If the audience hides your posts from their feeds or marks them as spam , your message will logically be rate negatively . Some recommendations to avoid it are: Check that your content is not offensive to your audience. Don’t post too many times in one day. Make sure your content is of value to the audience so they are encourage to share it. 3.- Automate viral control The LinkedIn algorithm is also responsible for carrying out a virality control, but how does it do it? Preventing a spammer from posting junk content, and preventing other fake accounts from reacting positively to said post within an hour.

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What happens if you detect that this is happening? It will degrade the content and take away your credibility. But if you manage to get to this level, that means you met step 2, that is, your content got organic audience Saudi Arabia Phone Number List engagement. 4.- Content reviewe by people Surely you have wonder why the LinkedIn algorithm is so effective. And the answer is that the content is filtere by human editors. They are the ones who determine if your publication is really relevant and of value to follow in the feed. The key is that what you published continues to attract the public so that the network continues to show it.

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Tips to improve organic reach on LinkedIn You already know the algorithm of this professional social network. Now, the second BYB Directory step is to work on improving the organic reach on LinkedIn. But if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you achieve it: A.- Structure your network Create your network on LinkedIn It is vital that a solid structure allows you to gain credibility to get followers and connections with other companies. Whether you have a personal profile or a company page, you need to follow some recommendations so that you can achieve your goals.

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