That You Should Keep Doing Those

Baling well is then completely normal! (And check if your expectations are not too high. It takes two to tango , I know what I’m talking about. Whenever the bell rings, I think it’s Carice van Houten.) “Out of your comfort zone is where the magic Iceland Phone Number happens” I actually think that in your comfort zone the magic happens. That you should keep doing those things and repeat endlessly what you are good at. That you ultimately strive best for Iceland Phone Number mastery and that you become sublime. Just like Janine Jansen blindly plays the Violin Concerto by Tchaikovsky and also in a grandiose way. Yeah, okay, okay: sometimes you have to do things that you find exciting. The first time you send a blog to a large platform is of course exciting.

Should Keep Doing Those

The first time you make a video feels exciting. Of course. But in your comfort zone, where you master the skills at a high level, that’s where Iceland Phone Number the magic happens. Just be true to who you are” Annoying. I know a lot of jerks who shouldn’t just be themselves. That guy who’s been calling a good friend out of bed at night for weeks. That bag is back at the door. Get lost. Stop being yourself. And also in growing your own business, authenticity is Iceland Phone Number no guarantee for success. A year ago I got a tip that I liked: share your gratitude regularly! So I made an update for LinkedIn about the gratitude I experience about the contact with my father. Not a word has been invented: I have had a nice contact with my father for 6 years, where we just have nice conversations without there being a strange tension.


Repeat Endlessly What

That was unthinkable before! What do you think? Great success? In the end, 3 people responded. While I posted it with the idea: now I have Iceland Phone Number them! Now they’re going to cry! Now they have stirred those 1943 connections. Actually, I think now, I thought very positively: I thought This will be a hit and this will generate me Iceland Phone Number what a touchingly beautiful person, Johan’ thousands of euros in new turnover. A very good reason to look for it ‘close to yourself’ is because it is probably the most satisfying there. Because there is a chance that people will feel: hey, this is real and unique. But it is not a guarantee of success. Commonly used the expression: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

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