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Remember to make audiovisual content base on stories, experiences, experiences,… in short, tell stories that not only focus on the company but also on travelers. 7.- YouTube is your great ally Use the youtube platform You do not have to worry about what platform you will use, since that is what you have YouTube for . Without a doubt, it will be your best ally when publishing your videos, thanks to its high reach. Create your own channel to place your material and thus be able to share it on your website and social networks.

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Take into account that you have to publish videos with a certain frequency to avoid losing audience. You have to create quality content if you really want to attract customers, do not forget to use a catchy title and keywords that help you in your web positioning. Think that, like you, many do video advertising for the tourism sector, so you will have to Romania Phone Number List beat your competition. Users will always go to the highest bidder and images sell more than words . So awaken all your creativity so that you can reach all those people you want. your success will depend on your strategy.

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Now that you know everything you need to start working on your advertising in audiovisual format, all you have to do is start creating and editing your material. Do you want to reach a segmente audience through video ads in brand-safe environments across Europe and America? At Antevenio we help you create video advertising BYB Directory to generate an emotional connection between the potential customer and the brand. Get more organic reach on Linkedin for your content: main tricks agosto 20, 2020 wording Performance Marketing Did you like our article? 5/5 – (1 vote) organic reach on LinkedIn Reaching the target audience is a priority in the world of digital marketing.

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