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Provide a frictionless donation page You want to make the donation flow as simple and clear as possible for the visitor. Make sure the donation page is free of distractions and obstacles. It is best to omit the navigation and show a stripped-down version of the footer. Links or extra content can distract the visitor and possibly lead to another page. And that means loss of conversion on one of the most important pages of your website. Screenshot of how Trees for All has a frictionless donation flow. Make sure that the donation page contains enough branding so that the visitor can be sure. That the donation goes to the right organization. You do not want the user to start doubting halfway through his donation process.

Between Newsletters Automatic

The donation form itself only requests essential information. For example, requesting an address and place of residence with an iDEAL payment is unnecessary and can ensure that the visitor waives the donation. Keep the form short and Cambodia Phone Number preferably on one page. Provide clear labels with good field validation. In addition, it is now also possible to donate via Tikkie, a payment request via iDEAL. The donor can click on a Tikkie link or scan a QR code, with which he transfers the donation in a new screen. This means even more convenience and freedom for the donor. After completing the donation, ensure that the donor sees a thank you page that once again mentions the mission of the organization and how the donation contributes to this.


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Adding social share buttons can ensure that the donor recruits new donors in his own circle. Provide clear suggestions for donations If a donor does not have to think about everything, you make the flow easier (recommended: the Cambodia Phone Number and Cass Sunstein and the book ‘ Thinking, Fast and Slow ‘ by Daniel Kahneman (aff.)). Preset donation amount suggestions are a good step for this. This way you limit the user’s choice stress about what a ‘normal’ amount is to donate. In order to arrive at the best amounts, it is necessary to find out what the visitors would enter as an amount on their own. You do not want to propose an amount that is too low so that visitors donate less.

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