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Do you run a cleaning business? Do you go in and out of other people’s homes or businesses, drive from one place to another, or hire people in a variety of work settings? Regardless of the size of your cleaning or cleaning business, cleaning insurance should be part of your enterprise risk management plan. It’s easy to imagine how a cleaning business might need protection from a range of potential problems: employees breaking something while cleaning, a homeowner slipping because the floor is wet, the way an employee gets into a car accident in a company vehicle on a date. With so many moving parts, a cleaning business needs to cover multiple aspects, and endorsed cleaning insurance is the solution.

What Cleaning Insurance Does Not Cover

Other types of insurance that a cleaning business may need Who needs cleaning insurance? How much does cleaning insurance cost? Choose the right insurance policy What is cleaning insurance? Cleaning insurance is a series of policy plans developed by insurance companies that best meet the specific needs of the cleaning industry. Basic cleaning insurance will include business general liability insurance. If you need to Thailand Phone Number List go to court to defend an accident, injury, or property damage, general liability insurance will cover your costs. Typically, your policy will pay for legal representation, legal costs, out-of-court settlements, and court judgments. Some insurance companies automatically bundle commercial auto insurance into their cleaning policy, but some don’t; most companies have a bundling policy that covers all risks known to your company.

Other Types of Insurance That a Cleaning Business May Need

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Wi (For example, if you hire employees, you may need to invest in workers’ compensation; if you and your employees drive for the business, you may need to add commercial auto insurance. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the details shortly.)Property damage due to your business/employees:

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