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Know what the visitors of your conversion landings do at the moment they arrive at them. Find out which areas of your website are considere most interesting. Therefore, an adequate marketing tracking strategy is the best way to know the performance of your advertising campaigns. Data to make sound decisions Tracking in marketing is extremely effective because it allows you to be in control at all times. And learn where the sales are coming from, which campaigns work and which ones don’t. In addition, it serves to have all the possible data about a specific marketing campaign.

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And, if done thoroughly, you won’t just be getting data from digital media. You can also keep track of what is shown in the press , for example. Thus, for decision making to be more objective than instinctive, you must measure customer Uruguay Phone Number List satisfaction. If all this information is not being tracke, it will be difficult for you to replicate the most effective campaigns. Attributes the uptake to the appropriate medium Imagine that you develop a launch campaign for a new product. The intention is that users request more information on your website, leaving their emails.

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Since you have enough budget, you prepare an email marketing campaign with sales newsletters that you accompany with a recruitment strategy through social ads on Facebook and Instagram. When the campaign ends, the natural thing would be to identify which of the channels use has been the most profitable. To know for sure BYB Directory you will have to mark each visit to the web. You are very intereste in knowing which ones come from the emailing campaign, which ones from Facebook and which ones from Instagram. Because it is the only way to make sure which channels are the ones you should promote. Therefore, to track marketing you need an analytical tool prepare to interpret where the visit comes from.

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