The current growth Thailand Phone Number dilemma and solutions of Jingdong’s promotion system

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has objectively helped achieve an accelerated growth. Because many people’s offline transaction behaviors were forcd to move online in the context of the epidemic. The major e-commerce platforms as a whole ate a wave of dividends. Especially JD Logistics, with its excellent responsiveness and stable service capabilities, among users. Gained a lot of word of mouth, and once again established a Thailand Phone Number very good social image in this action to support Wuhan. Not only JD Logistics has receivd exclusive thanks from Zhong Nanshan, but even the newly-born JD Health has been highlightd recently. For example, “JD Health CEO Xin Lijun participated in the international experience sharing session on new crown epidemic prevention and control”, “JD Health has become the first new crown nucleic acid detection service online in the country” booking platform” and so on.

A lot of abuse, leading to increased user distrust

First of all, I did an experiment, opened the Jingdong App, and clicked on 15 products in the recommendation on the homepage. It can be seen that there is only one product that has no promotion (this product is still a new product that has just been launchd). Compared with Taobao, 15 recommended products are also clicked, and Thailand Phone Number the number of products without promotion can reach 6-9. It can almost be considered that promotional activities are more like a basic attribute on  products. It seems that it is abnormal if there is no promotion. Especially for some hot-selling or main products, different promotions are basically rotatd all year round.

The variety is complicated, which leads to an increase in the cost of user selection

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The author has roughly sorted out the promotion forms of Jingdong. Except for the issuance of coupons and platform activities (the two activities of seckill and flash sales. The author has never felt any difference. Which is essentially a manifestation of promotion abuse). The main promotion methods are: Full reduction, full discount, full gift. X yuan Y Thailand Phone Number pieces. Redemption, etc. These promotions may be store activities, cross-store activities, or even self-operated and POP. This may lead to a situation where users have finally filled up their orders and found out that they have to pay several shipping charges during settlement. The experience is predictable. In response to this scenario, the author recommends that self-operated and POP products should not enter the same promotion pool. And that free shipping should be usd as the basic threshold for POP products to participate in activities.

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