The .DEV domain is now available for registration

If you are a web developer or work in the . World of technology, I am sure that you will love the news. That we bring you today. The Dev domain has been releas for registration!

If you want to know a little more about . This new extension or why the .Dev domain can be. A good option for your business, keep reading! Here you have all the information you ne to. Clarify all your doubts and not be left without yours.

How were .Dev domains born?
The fact that .Dev domains have been releas or . Registration does not mean that they did not exist or that it is a recently creat extension.

Until now, this domain extension was private. And was only use internally for testing purposes, that is, it was use in test environments. But this has just change.

In december 2014, the management of the .Dev domain was grante by the iana to google. After a dispute in which amazon also participate, but the latter withdrew, preferring to take control of other extensions.

Now the registration of DEV

Domains has just been released. Although keep in mind that for this to happen. Like when many other extensions are released, the domain release goes through the following phases:

Sunrise: this is the initial phase and only registered . Trademark owners can protect their name. This phase normally lasts about 30 days.
Priority registration or landrush: during this phase, even if you do not have a registered trademark, you can get the domain . You want before this name is available for general registration. Of course, the price to pay is much higher than the general registration price. That is, it allows you to access the domain you want before anyone else and, if there are several applicants who want the same, an auction is held in which the domain is awarded to the highest bidder. This priority registration is divided into different phases. In the case of .Dev domains there are five in which the price decreases.
Pre-registration: before being completely released, the launch of a domain enters a Jordan Phone Number pre-registration . Phase in which a user can make a request for the domain they want, without necessarily having to register it. As in the previous phase, before two equal requests, the domain will be delivered to the one who makes a higher bid.
General availability: the last phase. Here the domain is available to any user.

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Registers it first gets it

The .Dev domain extension has been created with. Developers or professionals who work in the world of new technologies in mind so that . They have a secure online space in which to display their work.

.Dev domains

In addition to developers, a .Dev domain is also a great option for:

Web page designers
Software engineers
Video game developers
Mobile app developers
Web security or computer security professionals
And don’t stay alone with this. This domain extension can also fit in with your project .Even if you are not dedicated to the world of technology. For example, when you work in the field of science or research, the .Dev could fit perfectly on your website.

Or why not let your imagination run wild? Get creative and find a domain name that can fit the .Dev extension. There are many companies that have taken advantage of the pull of new domain extensions and have created names like speedof.Me or last.Fm. A good strategy, right?


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