The First Objective That You Can Benefit From the Practice of Interactive Marketing: Data Intelligence.

Working with data mining is something that is becoming essential in the current scenario, largely due to the modern consumer’s preference for personalized actions.

More than that, collecting data is essential for the company to develop its actions correctly, focusing, for example, on the most appropriate target audience for your content.

Having access to audience demographics like age, education, and location is crucial to creating targeted actions.

If you have any experience on the subject, you know the most used practices to collect this type of knowledge, for example, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages and quizzes are very relevant resources in this regard.

What Interactive Marketing does is boost your results by capturing the interest of the public .

A survey focused on this type of strategy listened to more than 20,000 marketing professionals and produced a very suggestive result: 87% of those surveyed agree that the use of interactive content is much more effective in attracting the attention of web users. Internet.

Do you want an example? Imagine that a potential client arrives at your landing page and finds quizzes and other elements with interactivity characteristics.

This simple detail may be enough to keep you on the page longer, either by answering the questionnaire or looking for more information about the company.

While increasing the CIO & CTO Email List chances of conversion, quizzes serve a much greater purpose.

With the responses recorded by the visitor, you can get a better idea of ​​the stage of the funnel they are in and their preferences.

Thus, even if the Landing Page does not generate conversions,

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It will be useful to deepen your knowledge about the person, based on the analysis of their weak performance.

lead nutrition
Data capture is essential for you to develop a strategy capable of generating leads and converting them into customers.

However, for conversion to occur, there must be a well-done nutritional approach that is capable of differentiating itself from the different content that Internet users consume on a daily basis.

One of the many resources that can be used in this phase of the funnel, called consideration, is infographics.

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