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This has been stat by The Wall Street Journal. Which cites anonymous sources to indicate that the Luxembourg data Mexico Phone Number protection. Agency (CNPD) has propos a sanction to the American giant. This action would have been due to an alleg violation of European data privacy Mexico Phone Number regulations . The Luxembourg agency has sent this sanction proposal to the other 26 privacy organizations in Europe. Over the next few months, they will be in charge of evaluating the situation. And deciding if Amazon has illegally extract personal information from citizens.

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These sources from the Unit States Mexico Phone Number newspaper did not specify what kind of methods or practices Amazon would use to motivate this investigation. However, it has been confirm that it has nothing to do with the Amazon Web Services cloud hosting unit . The Mexico Phone Number mechanism of this, in fact, is also being analyz by the EU. Luxembourg’s propos fine would represent roughly 2% of Amazon’s report net income. So far, it has already receiv several objections from other regulatory bodies, who insist that the fine should be higher.

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European data protection laws allow fines of up to 4% of annual income. For now, Amazon has refused to make any statements . It is true that on other occasions it has made it clear that the privacy of its clients is a priority. We will have to wait to see if all the agencies agree and if Amazon Mexico Phone Number decides on the matter. What this decision and the size of the fine reveal is that we are facing a new wave of privacy research and the use that big technology companies make of the data they collect in Europe.

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