The steps to take to have an Instagram professional profile

In 2019. it is hardly possible for a company not to switch to the Instagram professional profile.


It’s hard enough to find someone who doesn’t have at least one Instagram account.


The golden age of Facebook indeed seems to be over. and that of thepromoting on instagram is just beginning.


But many are still unaware that there are two types of Instagram accounts.


If the personal profile is an essential and now acquired basis. the Instagram professional profile is less obvious.


However. it offers many advantages for auto-entrepreneurs. SMEs and even large companies.


Here is a little practical guide to switch to the Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers Instagram professional profile. and take advantage of all its merits.


Instagram professional profile: what are the differences?

As I told you in the introduction. there are two types of profiles on Instagram.


The personal profile is the one that anyone can create. and which strangely resembles the Facebook profile.


This type of profile is essentially private. and is mainly used to share slices of life with loved ones.


As for the Instagram business profile

It is exclusively dedicated to businesses. regardless of their size.


And if it is aimed at companies. it is because it offers functionalities that a personal profile does not offer.


Starting with the monitoring of account statistics. essential for any professional.


This feature allows you to understand your audience and their behavior. and to adapt your communication strategy accordingly.


I will also explain below how to interpret these statistics.


Switching to the Instagram business profile also adds contact options.


The Instagram business profile allows you to insert a call-to-action button.


By clicking on it. visitors can reach you easily by any means at your convenience.


This is also a feature found on Facebook. Instagram’s big brother.


Paid advertising is also much easier with a professional account.


You can indeed set up your campaigns directly from your Instagram business profile.


Boosting your posts has never been easier.


But can anyone switch to an Instagram business profile?

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Who can switch to the Instagram business profile?

Absolutely anyone can have a business profile on Instagram.


There is indeed no restriction in terms of type of profile or user.


In fact. you can switch to the Instagram business profile even if you are not a professional.


And this freedom has also given rise to some excesses. pointed out by critics of social networks.


Many young people had indeed decided to convert their personal account into a professional account.


This in order to have access to their statistics. in order to know how many visits and likes they received.


But it is important to understand that. as the name suggests. a pro account on Instagram is only useful for pros.


It is even essential for companies. whatever they are.


Because on this side. it does not matter the size or the activity of the company.


Whether you are a freelancer or a multinational. you can always switch to the Instagram business profile.


Obviously. it will only be really relevant if you have already federated a certain community.


If you have 50 subscribers. for example. the professional profile will necessarily be a little less useful to you.


But it is still advisable to create one directly in addition to your personal account.


It is also good to know that you can absolutely convert your personal profile into a professional profile.


All you have to do is click on “switch to Instagram business profile” in your account settings.


Focus on Instagram stories

Even the “instanoobs” have certainly heard of the famous Instagram stories.


This photo or video format visible for 24 hours is undoubtedly the best feature of the social network.


Very interactive. the story makes it possible to achieve an organic reach (reach) incomparable to that of classic posts.


And the success is such that even Facebook got involved!


But what is the difference between a story published from an Instagram business profile and one published from a personal account?


Because both types of profiles do indeed offer this possibility.


But recently. Instagram allows you to insert links directly into stories.


The latter is therefore an additional means of distilling a call to action.


A definite advantage for professionals. who can thus significantly increase their conversion rate.


The story having a much higher organic reach. it indeed increases the chances of clicks.


That’s why switching to the Instagram business profile can be very interesting.


Stories are an additional way to advertise.


Advertise with an Instagram business profile

The Instagram business profile also makes paid advertising much easier.


Instagram advertising is indeed a piece of cake with a pro account.


In addition to story links. you can create paid posts.


These aim to increase the reach of your traditional posts.


But you can also create paid campaigns over the long term. in order to glean conversions.


And Instagram ads via a business profile offer rock-solid interactivity and visibility.


Different formats. impactful call to action. detailed statistics. etc.



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