The Tortoise Competing Against

Or if you could go back in time to when you started, what would you ask? Because new people are always coming into your niche, this basic content can be a source of permanent traffic. 2. Find your soapbox What should everyone in your niche know? What are the topics you want to get toxic about? What is not talked about enough in your field? Taking a Sri-Lanka Phone Number stand always resonates and passion is certainly foddered for a content classic. 3. Pursue Eternal Truths What is true in your field, no matter what? What will never change? What topics will people in your niche still be debating in a hundred years.

The Hare Fable Slow And Steady

These are perfect topics for more theoretical, more idea-oriented content. If this still isn’t enough to get you on ‘Verstappen speed ‘, think about the flip side: what makes content trendy? Is it suddenly all over the news? Probably trendy. Is it associated Sri-Lanka Phone Number with a fad that pops up out of nowhere? Absolutely trendy. Is it a new product service recent announcement or unveiling? It might be trendy. Fortunately, we have a back door for that. The Backdoor: Google Trends With Google Trends you can find out if your topic is a trend or not. Search your topic with Google Trends. Set your timeline to a minimum of three years (five years or more is better). Then search for your topic(s). Be sure to use Google’s refinement tools.


They Must Be Reliable

They help the trend tool to know whether you’re looking for a gun or “get in the gun. Essentials in writing content classics are like the tortoise competing against the hare in the fable: slow and steady. They must be reliable. Know your topic and keep the following in mind in the writing process.Content classic 1. Research Set aside enough time for research and planning. Content classics need to be valuable to “make” it on the web. A razor-sharp focus and citing many sources via links helps to substantiate your business or blog (and your search engine value). Take your time.

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