These are the communication trends of

What is the current state of communication and what Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers  trends are currently influencing the profession and society? Logeion, the Dutch professional organization for communication professionals, has put together 4 communication trends together with its members: ‘guide in a boundless playing field’, ‘moral compass as a guideline’, ‘trust through radical transparency’ and ‘technology as a new language’. In this article I will update you.


The Why Of Communication Trends

Trends come and go, but why are they important to keep an eye on? With the communication trends of 2022-2023, the Logeion TrendTeam wants to inspire and challenge colleagues to become better in their profession. In addition, she wants to ensure that communication professionals can also apply the trends in practice. And therein lies a challenge: trends are often quite ‘high over’ and abstract. Fortunately, the TrendTeam provides a number of tools for each trend to get started with it.

Trend 1. Guide In A Boundless Playing Field

Communication is no longer a two-way street between sender and receiver. The playing field for communication professionals is becoming increasingly versatile and unclear. For example, look at the current nitrogen crisis. It is not a matter between the government and farmers. The whole of society is involved and plays a role. As a communication professional you have to deal with an overcrowded field of players with different interests.

A practical example: high-tech company ASML conducts surveys among residents in the region once every few years. During this investigation it was established that the residents partly attribute the housing shortage in the area to ASML. After all, the people who work for the company and are brought to Brabant from home and abroad want to live in the area, so they ‘peck’ the houses and drive up prices. Without this research, the company would never have considered that their growth and success, in addition to employment, can also have a negative impact on their reputation and the region. ASML has now started a social initiative to think along with the municipality about housing policy.


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