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In this article I’ll explain how to write content classics that score permanently on the web. Why should you write content classics? Like pine needles that never change color, content classics are relevant and useful all year round. They are longer articles Slovenia Phone Number where you dive deeper into a topic. They provide the reader with a rich perspective and a lot of information. In addition, they are good for your SEO because you can label them as ‘cornerstone content’. These are articles of 900 words or more that cover the most important topics on your website. Content classics have long-term value. Usually, these discuss big questions or topics within a niche.

The Trend Know Whether

Articles like this will continue to draw new readers to your blog or site for weeks, months, or even years after you’ve written them. And because it gives your readers so much value, they are more likely to convert into members, subscribers, or signups Slovenia Phone Number to your mailing list. Stable content It is also stable content for search engines. A blog with and about a content classic generates a steady stream of traffic instead of the series of peaks and dips you get when you write about trends. Content classics have great potential for reuse in other media. With time-sensitive content, you are locked into a certain time period to take advantage of the trend.


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So if you want to turn a blog into a podcast, a Slideshare, an e-book, or the like, your time frame for creating it will be shortened. Once you create it, it has a long life, but once the trend is dead, you have to create a new collection of content for the next trend. This way you keep running on the hamster wheel of content creation. Also read: Sustainable content: what is it & why do you need to get started with it? Content classics don’t have this problem. After you create your first content, you can reuse it in as many other formats as you want and whenever you want.

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