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Think that the key is to structure a powerful SEO strategy , with which you can improve all those aspects that Google analyzes. In any case, it is not an impossible job, you just have to dedicate time and effort to it. 6.- Extensions Extensions for Google Ads ads Among the aspects to improve the ranking of Google Ads ads, you will find the so-call extensions . This is additional information that may appear next to your ad. The detail is that the algorithm will be in charge of deciding when to show them.

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In the event that these are relevant and can optimize performance, they will appear next to the advertisement. But the best thing is that this does not imply any additional cost and can be of great help to increase the quality level Taiwan Phone Number List of your ad . These are the 6 most common types of extensions: App. Geographic location. Call. Review. Site links. Outstanding text. Additionally, social extensions and user ratings can appear automatically. They are a good alternative to optimize your performance and, therefore, your positioning. Interesting facts about ads Google Ads Ad Ranking.

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There are some facts that you may not know about Google Ads ads. For example, that in each search you only choose the ads that will be shown on the first page of results. In the case of computers, it can be up to 11, while in mobile BYB Directory phones only 5. Obviously, there is also on the second page, but hardly anyone is intereste in seeing it. That is why it is so important to appear in the first search results. Ads can be shown on desktop by appearing 3 at the top, above the organic results, 8 at the side or 2 at the bottom. While on mobiles the space is reduce and only 2 are shown at the top and 3 at the bottom of the first page.

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