Things to Consider About Reseller Hosting

  • Since the full control of your server will belong to the hosting company you work with, it is important to choose companies that have made a name in the hosting industry with powerful hardware. The quality of the original web hosting company will be the most decisive factor in your success. If the reseller hosting plan you buy provides your customers with impressive bandwidth and sufficient disk space on a high-performance server, you can ensure that your customers’ sites load quickly and are always available. This will also help you attract new customers.
  • Since it will not be easy to compete with giant hosting companies on price, you will need to find methods and types of services where you can make a difference.

  Making Money with Reseller Hosting


  • The biggest problem you may encounter may be that unlike web hosting companies, they cannot provide effective technical support to your customers. It is recommend that you pay attention to this issue from the very beginning. When the reseller hosting prices are examine, you may be surprise to see that you can really start with a low cost. If you are planning to monetize with reseller hosting, we recommend that you proceed by following the steps below:
  • Clarify what business you will focus on by identifying Cambodia Phone Number a target audience, such as plumbers, lawyers  Examine the websites of your competitors targeting the same or similar niche as yours to understand what type of hosting or additional services they offer, whether you can compete on price, and their marketing methods. Be sure to check out their blog and social media accounts and even the advertisements they publish. You can use tools like SEM Rush to see if they’re getting any organic traffic or bidding on any keywords. At the end of this research, you can clarify your niche and get strong ideas on what you need to do to compete. For example, you might conclude that you
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  • should focus on premium packages

  • At the end of your research, determine which hosting packages and additional features you want to offer to your customers. For example, you might want to sell shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server plans, or just start with a specific niche like WordPress hosting or cloud hosting.
  • If you decide to change your web hosting provider, you must also transfer all of your customers’ data. This can be incredibly difficult, so it is recommended to have a dedicated server or a virtual server like VDS or VPS. Having a dedicated server makes it easier to switch providers but increases the cost.

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