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Follow the influencer of your choice for a while if you want to prevent influencer fraud and pay attention to the following signs: Does someone have a lot of followers, but very few posts? Is there an extreme growth in followers, without immediate cause (such as a television appearance)? Is the interaction excessively high or low in relation to the number of followers? Do you see a lot of messages with vague comments or irrelevant emoji? Instagram Jamaica Phone Number and as a result, you see an extreme drop in the number of followers. Be alert if you see that because influencer fraud could be involved. Fortunately, you can also use online tools if you find this too much work.

Social Media And We Like

Tools like HypeAuditor, Social Blade, and Heepsy allow you to analyze influencers’ data to prevent fraud. 4. Brand ambassadors for your campaign Brand ambassadors are influencers. Who work with a certain brand for a longer period of time. They represent such a brand on social media and are more involved than ‘normal influencers’ and even think along about how the brand is presented. Britt Scholte is an example of a brand ambassador. She has been working for Nivea for some time and on her Instagram profile you can see several sponsored posts in which she promotes Nivea products. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Britt Scholte The focus on brand ambassadors is increasing, because the focus on authenticity is increasing.


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By deploying brand ambassadors, your credibility increases, because if someone repeats a certain message, then that person would mean it, right? It is important that there is a perfect match. The influencer and his or her audience must match your brand. The influencer does not collaborate with the competitor or conflict with the values ​​and identity of the brand that he or she represents on his or her own channel. Tip : In the search for your ideal brand ambassador, look at previous messages he or she has posted. Do they match your values ​​and what you want to convey as a brand? Yes? Then first opt ​​for a collaboration of a few weeks and after a while determine, based on the results, whether this influencer is your ideal brand ambassador.

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