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The market is really going to revive, which is of course very positive for the profession.” Also read Campaign calendar: indispensable part of your marketing strategy handy template Content Partnerships Vandromeme also hopes that companies Vietnam Phone Number will collaborate more. “Together you reach a wider audience. We are already seeing it happen very gradually in Belgium: companies that enter into content partnerships or set up a content Vietnam Phone Number platform together. It is very wise to invest your marketing budget in this because it will yield you much more than individual campaigns.

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Hospes goes on like this I can tell Content marketing: too often interchangeable campaigns Cor Hospes is the Dutch specialist in the field of content marketing and storytelling. He thinks we are still going from one hype to another and forget the basics Vietnam Phone Number of content marketing. “Everyone is shouting and roaring, while the basics of content marketing are still not in order. Many companies interpret the term in their own way. Also, content marketing within companies too often revolves around redeemable campaigns and other short-term promotions. Aimed at the widest possible target group that only exists on Excel sheets. That is why things often go wrong.


May Take Longer Than Usual

Meaningful and Brand Differentiating Stories Companies, large and small, know that they need good content to survive, but have no idea how to go about it. “Content and content marketing starts from the DNA of your company. When asked who am I and what do I want to mean for the world? Knowing that story takes you to step two: who is your audience, and what does your audience really want? How can you enrich and make their lives more pleasant? What are their wishes, dreams, fears and secrets? Map that out. There’s only one way to find out: talk to them. Many companies and brands still want to be there for everyone. Everyone is nobody. Make a choice.” “That makes it difficult for marketing.

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