Understand What Interactive Marketing is and Discover How to Apply Interactivity in Your Communication

Interactive Marketing is a Set of Practices and Techniques Designed. To Encourage Public Interaction With Your Company. In Other Words, It is an Extremely Effective Strategy to Increase Engagement. And, Thus, Allow the Optimization of Your Marketing Actions.

Conceptualizing marketing 4.0, expert philip kotler highlighted the growing importance of the customer experience in their purchasing decisions.

As he pointed out, modern consumers tend to prefer companies. That don’t treat them like just numbers in a spreadsheet, but rather in a humanized and individualized way.

This understanding guides most content marketing strategies , which aim to establish a relationship of trust with people, first attracting them and then converting them into leads.

For that, it is necessary to create unique and attractive experiences. In an attempt to overcome the great competition in that market.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is a strategy that aims to encourage the person. To interact with the brand, thus creating a unique setting for their attraction, nurturing and conversion.

It is a very efficient way to boost consumer engagement while providing an extremely qualified experience.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists article, this type of action. Is essential to gain the trust of the modern consumer and increase the chances of loyalty.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinteractivity is to place the customer at the center of the processes. Carried out by the company, giving them a feeling of inclusion and collaboration.

Thus, it is possible to create an open dialogue with your person, leaving them. In a position where they can feel in control of the experience.

In What Areas Can Interactive Marketing Be Useful?

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

To understand the usefulness of interactive marketing, you must. Bear in mind that this is a strategy that focuses on exchanging information with the public .

So if you want to implement it in your company, start by forgetting the. Idea that your brand is in control of the relationship with customers .

In the era of marketing 4.0 , the public is high up in the market hierarchy. Giving them the power to set trends, albeit indirectly.

What does that mean? The answer is simple: to execute the strategy. Correctly, you need to start capturing buyer persona preferences and configure your approach accordingly.

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