Unique Way to Automatically Add Dynamic Year in WordPress Post Titles

This article is about adding a dynamic year in selected publication titles. I will share why you should add current year in WP Post title using shortcode. Along with that, I will also explain a unique way to automatically add a dynamic year in WordPress post titles.

Using the same method, Barbados B2B List not only can you add a year, but you can also add a month/date and/or day to the WordPress title. So you can change WordPress page title dynamically.

But before going into details, I would like to ask you a very simple question about your behavior on the Internet.

How You Should Add Dynamic Year in WordPress Post Titles

Have you ever observed your behavior when you click on the Google search results page?

Did you notice a pattern for choosing a particular link or post?

Hmm?? Any guesses..??? Think about it for a second.

OK, let me explain why I asked you to reflect on your behavior.

According to a study, human eyes do not read all the letters one by one, especially on the Internet. Human eyes scan text for highlighted words , numbers and bullet points .

Out of these three; Numbers have had the greatest impact on the human brain. Numbers or numbers slip easily through your mind and hit hard. After that, our mind says “this message is important” . And this is how we choose to discover the same.

However, the title of the search results begins with numbers.

Why You Should Add a Dynamic Year in WordPress Post Titles

But, the 2nd result also highlighted the current year and everyone wants to read the latest information first . This is why most of us are likely to click on the 2nd search result.

Barbados B2B List

At this point you can tell I will also read the date the article is published and then choose the link.

I would say, yes, that could be one of the deciding factors in this case, but most of the time there will only be one or two results with the current year or any type of number in the titles of the results.

And the study further reveals that article titles with numbers or years got more clicks compared to titles without numbers. I hope now you agree with my point.

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