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So there is no turning back, we are no longer going to ‘unlearn’ the things we are learning now. The trends that have now accelerated were Panama Phone Number already underway before this crisis erupted. The shift from physical to digital environments (collaboration, working from home, learning, community building) will be permanent – ​​soon we will have a mixture of the digital and the physical. Which of the two prevails in your situation partly depends on this question: does that new situation provide a better user experience? If so, we’ll keep doing it that way. If not, then not.

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At least, that’s what accountancy firm Deloitte is in this report. Physical Encounters I think the decisive factor comes more from the practical question: ‘what is doable, efficient, and above all: safe?’ The answer to this will be decisive. We will all have to accept that – sometimes grumbling and complaining. Whether that be the employees of an organization, the paying customers, or the citizen. We may think those Zoom sessions are terrible, but we’ll never get rid of them completely. In addition, we will work more on the physical meeting: the ‘real contact’ has acquired more value in this corona time than ever.


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We are looking for other places In the world of content strategy this means: more online exchange, such as webinars and coaching, more working from home, but also: looking for each other in a more targeted way, taking more time for social contact, exchange, meeting. Physical consultation hours will return to normal. Once again face to face with each other: priceless. You can do that in all kinds of places that are not too busy. So more often in quiet places without many people, where you can go by car. And less quickly in the places we had reserved for it until now: the shared space near the central station, the busy small lunchrooms and the coffee corners where young freelancers sit with their laptop behind a latte macchiato.

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