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You start with a manual examination of your content and systems. For example, use reading software and check the content of the alt texts with your images. This will remove most of the possible errors. By doing this manually first, you can really Kazakhstan Phone Number empathize with the user. You experience for yourself what users encounter. Also, read Digital accessibility & content creation: you have to take this into account You use automatic tools as the last check. Mainly to verify what you’ve already determined manually, and to pick out the last things you’ve overlooked. Outsource the research An accessibility study only makes sense if you conduct it in detail. Do you have too little time yourself.

Watch Youtube Videos Masse

Or are you afraid that you are overlooking something? Then call for help in time. There are several organizations in the Netherlands that can help you with your accessibility research. 4. Prepare an accessibility statement Every government website must have an accessibility statement from September 23. You collected the input for this statement in your accessibility research. In the statement you indicate to what extent your website or application is accessible: Fully Compliant Partially compliant First measures taken Does not suffice The declaration must be filled in very precisely. It is, therefore, useful to involve a lawyer or a compliance officer in the process.


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Use the fill-in tool You can easily prepare an accessibility statement with the fill- in assistant. This tool helps you to create a statement that conforms to the model. 5. Follow up on your action points Accessibility checked? check. Accessibility statement published? check. Great, then you can catch your breath. But not too long, because there are probably still issues that need to be solved. In your statement, you indicate the period within which you will tackle these problems. Make a clear plan with your team . Keep in mind that you should renew the accessibility statement at least every year. 6. Make accessibility part of the organization Making and keeping a website accessible is a huge job.

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