What Changes Has the Gig Economy Produced in Labor Dynamics?

Depending on the demand for a certain function. In a company, it is more feasible for the employer to hire a freelancer. Similarly, To carry out a project. In this way, all the tax and fixed expenses. Similarly, That you would have with an employee registered on the payroll are avoided.

On the other hand, if you have many long-term projects. After that, That can be executed by a single professional, it is probably. After that, More suitable for you to hire a full-time employee.

A freelance professional, in addition to not knowing the culture of the company , can be a more expensive option.

For professionals, there are those who defend this way of working and others who do not. For some, it is much more beneficial to work with a daily routine and a fixed salary at the end of the month than to depend on the variability of the Gig Economy.

However, those who seek a balance between personal and professional life and have the discipline to maintain this balance approve of this model.

There is also the group of those who in a difficult moment have the need to obtain an extra income. For them this model is quite useful.

Seeing all these points of view, we can deduce that the model only diversifies the labor market, giving new options to those who need them, whether they are consumers or producers.

3 current examples of the Gig Economy

We want to show you 3 companies that use the Gig Economy model to generate income.

Uber, the well-known transportation company, was created in 2009 and originally offered a service similar to Partners Email Address that of luxury taxis. In 2010, it launched its application in the United States and the e-hailing pioneer began its success story.

The application contacts drivers and passengers through a cell phone. Its mass use benefits both sides of consumption, thanks to network effects . The more cars available, the greater the offer and the speed to attend the call.

Each country has different rules for the operation, which can help or harm its expansion. In countries where it works well, many workers use this system as their only source of income.

The platform that offers temporary accommodation

Partners Email Address

Was created in 2008, thanks to the fact that its creators identified a demand for forms of economic accommodation and alternatives to traditional hotels.

With this platform it is possible to rent various forms of lodging for a certain period of time, which vary from shared rooms to entire houses of the most diverse styles.

This service provides a cultural exchange that can hardly be found in a hotel.

The security offered is one of the advantages of the platform, where hosts who have a good evaluation stand out.

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