What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a process in which companies make use of technology. To improve performance, increase reach and guarantee better. Results. It is a structural change in organizations, giving an essential role to technology.

But then practically every company is investing in it, right? You’re wrong! This concept is much broader than having a fan page or. A corporate blog, although these are part of the series of online marketing strategies .

Instead, it is a radical change in the structure of organizations, in which. Technology becomes a central strategic role, and not just a superficial presence.

This takes time and consumes resources, but it is not only large organizations. That can implement digital transformation programs. Because this is not restricted to those who have more money.

First, it is necessary to understand the VP Risk Email Lists entire process that leads. To this change and to work collaboratively to achieve it.

This alone makes digital transformation much more of a management challenge than just marketing or technology.

Among other factors that we need to understand is the impact of these types of changes on society in general.

Understands the development of technological progress

Digital transformation is not just another buzzword, a nice term to say that it is worth investing in Facebook Ads or something like that.

On the contrary, it is part of a much larger process, which is called: technological process. There are three main phases, with digital transformation being the last.

See what each of those stages consists of and how they culminate in this movement that we are currently witnessing.


VP Risk Email Lists

Fingering is described as the process of transitioning analog information to a digital form. In that way?

In other words, the data is transformed into bits and stored in electronic devices.

Entire industries benefit from this process, as important and sometimes confidential information has become easier to store and protect.


Digitization is much broader and refers to the actual changes made to organizations through technology.

That includes some more advanced concepts, such as Big Data, Internet of Things, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, among others.

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