What is the Functionality of Bootstrap?

Bootstrap offers a number of features that can be implemented on a website. Next we will talk about the possibilities of this tool.

responsive design
One of the main features of Bootstrap is to allow the adaptation of the page to be done according to the type of device used. To ensure responsiveness, the framework works with:

the styling of the <div> element;
the use of the container class.
In practice, the <div> element works to create a series of notes, similar to a table, capable of adaptively structuring the page.

There was already an attempt to use tables to create responsive layouts, however there were limitations in defining the length of columns which made it impossible to use on smaller devices like smartphones.

The <div> element is more flexible, as it allows you to easily define and resize the length.

Bootstrap has assigned the <div> element a class container feature, which works to determine the appropriate dimensions for elements inserted into that space.

Basically, the framework works with three types of containers:

Container: As an array with a max-width property, which determines what size fabric is ideal for creating the C Level Executive List page layout.
Container-fluid: Consider the full length of the device fabric to define the layout. For this, the width property is considered – 100% in all limits of fabric size.
Container-{ breakpoint}: considers width —100% until reaching a certain size—.
Component Library
Another interesting feature of this framework is the number of components that can be used to provide better interaction and improve communication with the user .

Next we will mention the main ones.

C Level Executive List

O Bootstrap allows simple and quick configuration of different types of alerts, with specific colors, depending on the situation.

To show the user an alert indicating attention, for example, we simply use .alert-danger and a text box with a red background will appear:

Attention! Caution alert message!
A widely used component in Bootstrap is the Carousel, a slideshow, that is, a tool that allows the display of images in a responsive way.

It also allows the inclusion of special effects for image transition and display controls, such as “next” and “previous” indicators.

Navigation bar
Another powerful component of the structure is the NavBar (navigation bar), which allows the construction of a responsive navigation system.

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