Which Increases Their Engagement

The difference between newsletters and automatic campaigns While an average open rate of 30 percent is good for newsletters, it would only be mediocre for an automated campaign. It is therefore important to compare the data from newsletters Croatia Phone Number and automatic campaigns separately. If you don’t do this, the data will become meaningless. Indeed, our benchmark has shown that automated campaign statistics are very high (Table 1). It’s not really crazy. The campaigns are relevant to the recipients, which increases their engagement. Email marketing Croatia Phone Number average results of all automated campaigns together. Table Average results of all automatic campaigns combined 2. Revenue from automatic campaigns In addition to the high statistics, these campaigns also perform well in revenue.

Increases Their Engagement

With my clients with a mature email marketing level, I see that automatic campaigns can generate as much revenue as newsletters. This is of course beneficial because the automatic campaigns require much less effort than a newsletter. You can set up Croatia Phone Number an automatic campaign once and then let it run for a long time. You can always optimize the campaigns and I definitely recommend it. However, it is not a must if you do not want or cannot develop further. Email marketing revenue broken down by campaign type, based on our customer Croatia Phone Number revenue broken down by campaign type, based on our customer data 3. Which automatic campaigns to start with? There are a lot of automated campaigns.


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And since every organization has limited time and capacity, it is important to determine which campaigns you want to start with. In my experience, marketers and e-commerce managers often start with the abandoned cart campaign. On average, 59 percent of the recipients open this email and the conversion rate of this campaign is more than three times Croatia Phone Number higher than that of the webshop. In fact, this is the campaign with the highest conversion rate of all automatic campaigns! However, as illogical as it may sound, I advise you not to start with this campaign. The data from our benchmark shows that this campaign has very few recipients. I explain this.

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