How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Site

Just mentioning bitcoin can sound confusing. Some people might even roll their eyes. “It won’t last long,” critics say. But what about the fact that a France Business Email List large user community has rallied around Bitcoin? What about the fact that one Bitcoin is currently valued at over $1,000?

The use of Bitcoin has grown tremendously over the years and has become a hit, especially since it started as a vague idea. However, Bitcoin still retains much of that vagueness, and some people argue that it’s more of a monetary option for scammers and people trying to hide their identities. On the other side of the spectrum, hiding one’s identity may seem fine for the average consumer who wants a little privacy when shopping online.

No matter where you stand on Bitcoin, people start using it. This means that you might want to accept bitcoin payments on your WordPress site. Fortunately, the WordPress community has responded with some great options and solutions for your website.

The Benefits of Using and Accepting Bitcoins

Why should you use bitcoin payments if there are more mainstream payment methods? Apart from the fact that more and more people are using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for their online transactions, Bitcoin payments have certain advantages. A Bitcoin payment does not contain any personal information of the buyer. This means that all sales are final. From the customer’s point of view, it’s a plus because they don’t have to hand over all their personal information to a random company. Merchants, on the other hand, benefit from the fact that all sales are final. They don’t have to refund and chargebacks are virtually non-existent, minimizing fraudulent purchases, as this is a common risk when selling online.

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Security and Decentralization

No person, organization or government controls Bitcoin. This not only makes Bitcoin payments more secure, but transactions are more transparent, as all purchases are publicly available. The only information shown to the public is the buyer’s location. All personal information is hidden, protecting people from identity theft and even reducing fees because banks have no control over transactions. Your best bet for accepting bitcoin payments on your WordPress website is to use a WordPress plugin or some script that accepts bitcoin payments. These are somewhat similar to payment gateways, except they remove the need for a bank (much less paperwork). Many bitcoin plugins exist, here are some of the options available to accept bitcoin payments.

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