On July 21, 2021, the famous singer Ališana was treatE in intensive care for a long time due to the coronavirus. His brother Selcuk Tektash, who lost his life despite all the interventions. Is at his grave on the first anniversary of his death. was mentione. The first statement was made by Alisan’s wife, Buse Varola. Who may not have atten the Selcuk Tektash ceremony.

Famous singer Ališan , brother of Selcuk Tektas. Aas recently commemorated at his grave in connection with the first year of his death. Selçuk Tektaş’s wife, especially Alişan Merve Tektaş, mother Suzan Tektaş and his father , she burst into tears at the memorial service. It was claimed that they had previously quarreled with Mervi Tektas. Bus Varol It was claimed that he did not participate in the ceremony.

Alishan’s brother, brother Selchuk Tektash

Buse Varola, who broke her silence, told a follower of her social media account “You were not present on the anniversary of the death of the late Selcuk Tektaş” He responded to his comment by sharing a photo he took at the grave. “This is my answer” Varola’s sharing that said drew attention.

Sharing the bus Varoluna cemetery


famous Turkish singer Alişan ‘s brother Selcuk Tektas died last July due to coronavirus. The death of Tektash, who was in intensive care for a month, devastated his entire family, especially Alishan.

Struggling to cope with his brother’s absence, Alishan never left his nieces and nephews alone.

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Alişan, his father Mehmet, his mother Susan, his aunt Merve Tektaş and their relatives attended the ceremony held for Selcuk Tektaş, who was commemorated at his tomb on the first year of his death. Ališana and her sister-in-law Merve Tektaš, who did not leave Tekta’s grave, which she remembered with prayers read at him, burst into tears.


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Ališana and her aunt Merve Tektaš

Cold winds are blowing between Alisan and her family Bus Varol did not participate in the ceremony. Earlier, Buse Varola said to his wife Ališana , “Take care of your family” and then Merve Tektas It was claimed that he had a bloody knife.

Ališan and his family


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