Will Get Paid These Shortening Services or Websites Can Pay

Up tofor every 1000 visitors you Netherlands WhatsApp Number List bring to your link. They pay you when you bring them traffic. These visitors will likely become their url will wait for 5 seconds and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. During these 5 seconds, the url shortener service will display an advertisement. As 5 seconds or more (depending on service to service) is over, the page is redirected to the original destination. It is recommended to avoid using a shortened url on your website as it may unnecessarily irritate your visitors. Generally, you should use a shortened url on forums and social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and google+. Url shortened payment is made using the appropriate payment methods used by websites, such as PayPal. Each url shortened website.

Shortening Services and Thus You Get

Or service pays different cpm rates. The Netherlands WhatsApp Number List cpm rate also depends on the country from which people open the shortened links. So, the cpm rate you get depends on url shortening companies as well as different countries. A good url shortener website can pay their publisher between $1 and $10 per 1000 views on the shortened url. They also provide a referral system where if someone joins using your referral link, you will be entitled to receive up to 20% commission from their earnings. Netherlands WhatsApp Number List How to win with url shortener if you want to earn a good amount with url shortener, the best way is to share someone else’s post or article. Find some of the popular sites like news sites or viral news sites. Use their url and shorten this.

 Opportunity to Earn More Money

Netherlands WhatsApp Number List

services and share this article, news, trending topics, viral images, videos, etc. With your url. You can share these trending topics on your social profiles, forums or social sharing sites. People love to read trending news and will click on your shared url, and you can earn money from it. 16 highest paying url shortened website now let’s see the best link shortener to earn money . 1. Ouo.Io – best link shortener ouo.Io is one of the fastest growing url shortened services and one of the highest paying url shorteners to earn online. Its nice domain name is helpful in generating more clicks than other.

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