The Data Will Become Meaningless

Users experience the amount of information as overwhelming. Whether that is desirable from a municipality? Of course, the intention is to inform everyone as well as possible, but the question is whether the enormous amount of information Colombia Phone Number does not have the opposite effect. With all this info we arrive at the following do’s and don’ts. Dos Icons in combination with text are experienced as clear, at least for the top tasks. Of course, you should always test what ultimately works for your own site, but it has been tested more than once that icons without text regularly raise question marks and text is only regularly checked. Keep your text simple to avoid confusion. When visitors become insecure, they move away from the website. Ensure a perfectly working appointment planner.

Will Become Meaningless

This prevents irritation and unnecessary phone calls. Keep testing. Since you are always dealing with technical and/or content updates. This is very important. don’ts With a lot of information on a site, it may seem that you are of optimal Colombia Phone Number service to the visitor, but in practice, many people no longer see the wood for the trees. So make choices about which information has priority and reduce the amount of information. Using difficult words is another don’t. If visitors don’t understand, they leave the website. There are almost always alternatives that everyone understands. The municipality of Overbetuwe has included the findings in the continuous process of improving the website.


Our Benchmark Has Shown

In response, the municipality stated that it remains a challenge to find the right balance between the most sought-after information and the (often also mandatory) provision of information about the multitude of topics that are relevant to Colombia Phone Number a municipality. Since we were curious whether surrounding municipalities show the same issues, we also subjected a number of them to user tests. It is noticeable that every municipality has its own design with its good and bad sides, but especially due to a large amount of information it is sometimes difficult for residents to find the right information. If the resident is central, it seems that ‘ less is more ‘ should apply here.

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