With Video Platforms Like Bitchute

Four million! All people have to keep various balls in the air. Family, career, and now there’s that added: the economy. How will my business or job end? The current generation of content creators usually has a (young) family, all those worries I just Nigeria Phone Number mentioned, and often also parents who are slowly making their way towards a nursing home. So no bland content, please, but content that is useful to us and that helps people move forward. Crying authentic? In the world of influencers and the endless stream of cozy nothingness, the lack of authenticity and purpose has become a problem. Everything is polished and is therefore unreal. Facts and images can hardly be checked anymore.

Platforms Like Bitchute

The motives of influencers are clear: money. We all now know how much they rake in. And you know that you as a follower are actually their ‘product’, which they sold to the highest bidding customer. Maybe that’s why we suddenly see all those crying influencers. Volkskrant columnist Jacq. Veldman wrote a nice piece about it. The inflation of the vlogging influencer culture is apparently so great that there is now a lot of whining to come across as somewhat authentic. Curious what the next step hereis. As long as there’s no blood, I’m fine with everything.


And Twitch Emerging

pathetic influencer 2. Adventures in the micro-world Smaller is better than big. Close is better than far away. The lockdown has confronted us with our immediate environment: where do I live? Who is my neighbor? How well do I know my neighborhood and the people who live there? The rediscovery of the immediate environment is interesting on several levels: from a human point of view it is important to know who your neighbors are, because those people may become very important to you in the future. And maybe you for them.

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