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And that is a very important point: how to influence behavior on the website. How do you respond to context? What we do not include in behavioral models is context. So everything that takes place outside the website. For example, the weather, a France Phone Number economic crisis or political tensions. These things also influence behavior. Think about how much money people are willing to spend, how much risk they take and to what extent France Phone Number they are able to make a conscious choice. But also think of smaller things like someone’s personal context. Is someone looking at your website with full attention in the evening, or is that person cooking in the meantime, or listening to a meeting with half.

If They Expected

Look, and here comes the snacks again. The fact that there is context. In other words: the snacks on the table influence your behaviour. The snacks ensure that you eat at the party. And, the fact that there is an economic crisis is causing people to spend less money. Likewise, if someone is sitting on the couch with children running around, it causes someone to France Phone Number pay less attention to the website. Also read: Why you should keep experimenting with your marketing strategy There is always context You have no influence on what happens outside the website. But you do have this on your website! You try to set up the website in such a way that it is always easy and accessible for the customer.


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An economic crisis may cause people to spend less money, but it does not mean that people do not need a new bed. People will still want to make this purchase. By A/B testing you find out what influence you can exert on the behavior of your France Phone Number visitor, despite the context. This knowledge is extremely valuable and will most likely form the basis of your optimization process. After all, there is always context. Best before Unfortunately, this France Phone Number knowledge has an expiration date. This is because the context is changeable. And, so does the behavior of your visitor. The weather changes, a craze disappears, economic crisis turns into economic boom and political tensions disappear.

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