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This may allow you to get a featured snippet as a search result. Also read: Top of the Google ranking? Start with a topic cluster Rich snippets Want to know more about rich snippets? Frank watching has already written about it several times: Visibility in Austria Phone Number corona time Rich snippets for service providers Google rich snippet update What are visitors doing on the landing page? In Google Analytics, the Landing Pages report shows what Austria Phone Number people do when they land on that page. In the report, find the page you want to analyze and look in particular at the statistics under the ‘behavior’ category.

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These numbers are best interpreted with Austria Phone Number regard to the intent. Of the searcher and the purpose of the page. A high bounce rate does not necessarily mean that most visitors do not reach their goal. To give a few examples: a high bounce can occur on a product page by visitors who are comparing. And on an FAQ page, visitors can quickly find Austria Phone Number an answer to their question and then leave. If your page contains an informative article or the page is aimed at leading people further into the website, a lower bounce rate is more desirable in combination with a longer session duration and/or pages per visit. Is your website attractive enough to stay.


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Now a high bounce rate or a low average session duration does not have to be solely due to the content aspect. Other factors also play an important role. The design or layout, readability, usability, speed and security all have an influence. Your page Austria Phone Number can match the search term as well in terms of content, if your content is difficult to read on mobile, if your site is not user-friendly or very slow, there is a good chance that the visitor will quickly return to the search results. These are common factors that have a negative impact on the usability of the website: Unusable or difficult to use forms on mobile Text and (sub)headings have the same font size style on the desktop as on mobile Unclear navigation or (hamburger) menu Improperly scaling images Slow website Austria Phone Number high loading times So test the website regularly.

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